PrintExpress Art Show!

From one color to multi-color, we provide the absolute best in quality of graphics and design. We at PrintExpress like to help the customer in raising their standards of the print world. We strive to never even let a low quality picture leave the shop, much less a print project that represents your company or event.

Specializing in providing a wide array of printing options and a very large product line. We know that in order to create sizzling, eye-opening print piece, it needs to have one particular quality: uniqueness. That is precisely why we expand our capabilities year after year; to provide you with the best possible product at the most cost efficient price.

We can print it for you

Some of the many printing options we offer include: spot color, multiple colors, custom PMS colors, die-cutting, perforating, scoring, stitching, drilling, spiral binding, eyeletting, embossing, carbon copy, folding/bindery, prepaid postage, laser prints and many, many more.

Printing Specialties

You’ve already driven the message, now what? Now you reinforce that message. The perfect way to do this is through specialty items. Don’t forget what makes an item specialized: the unique shape, size and message.

Whether it be die-cut, specialty folds, unique shaped mailers, roll stickers or special imprinting needs, we can produce it.

Some of the specialty items we provide include: sequentially numbered tickets, booklets and mailers for promotional events. Also available are inserts, postcards and fliers that emphasize personalized customer needs and don’t forget about our infamous scratch-offs, doorhangers, coupons and vouchers that help to deliver the message for optimum enthusiasm.

Mailing Services

PrintExpress also offers automated addressing and list management. You can give us your existing customer or direct mail database or we’ll procure a new list for you. Then we simply enter the data, and with our highly advanced systems we can address each postcard, newsletter, brochure, or other promotional item to be personalized to that recipient. It’s that simple, but it doesn’t stop there. PrintExpress ensures the lowest postage possible and increasing the accuracy of each mailed piece.

We will also gladly update your mailing list and/or establish a return mail response geared for the greatest response from your potential customers. For final product touches we offer sorting, labeling and tabbing. To complete the mailing process, we can save you money with our bulk mailing services.